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Wayne McCarty has been photographing the Minnesota independent wrestling scene since June 2003.  Using what he learned at the Hennepinn Technical College commercial photography program  Wayne has created stunning action and posed photos.   Wayne's work has been featured in the publications listed below and on the web sites of  Shawn Daivari,  Arik Cannon, Delirious, Chris Jordan, Josie, Cowboy Gator Magraw, MPW, Neo Pro,  Robbie Ellis, Ring of Honor, Tommy "Spiderbaby" Saturday and others.  
Publications Wayne's  photos have appeared in-
Pro Wrestling Illustrated, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Lavender, PWI Almanc, Inside Wrestling, Out, PWI Women of Wrestling 2004, Punk Planet, Instinct, Skyway News and The Wrestler.


To contact Wayne:
instant message AIM > wamccarty
phone> 612-386-8402

All photos on this site are copyright  Wayne McCarty.  No photo may be copied, reproduced or taken from this site without permission from Wayne.

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