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Title 169
Published work-
PWI Wrestling Annual April 2010- Cover photo of DX
The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling Vol 32 2010- Introducing Amy Hennig p. 20, 21.
PWI March 2010- Yellow Dog/Lince Dorado p. 56
PWI 500 2009- Danny Havok action p. 131
PWI 2009 Almanac- Adam Pearce posed p. 18
The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling Vol 26 2009- Adam Pearce posed p. 62 Somoa Joe fire ball p. 66, Somoa Joe vs Homocide p. 70 (IW) CM Punk vs Bryan Danielson w/ Steamboat p. 26
Minneapolis Star Tribune 01/09/2009- 2 photos in the Varitiy section for F1rst Wrestling. Cannon vs Horace & Arya Daivari vs Ryan Cruz magic carpet ride.
City Pages January 7, 2009- Jerry Lynn posed for F1rst Wrestling p. 30
PWI February 2009-Dakota Darsow posed full page p. 87
PWI Greats of the Game 1/2009- Samoa Joe p. 144, 146 both vs Homacide.
The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling Vol 25 2008- Introducing Dakota Darsow p. 20, 21.
PWI 50 Women November 2008-Sumie Sakai  posed p.53
PWI 500 October 2008- Jimmy Jacobs page 25, Benjamin Sailer p. 60, Adam Pierce p. 160
The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling vol 23, 2008- Introducing Arya Daivari pages 20 & 21(The Wrestler), Adam Pearce posed page 41 (Inside Wrestling)
Pro Wrestling Illustrated August 2008- Jay Briscoe/El Generico action page 50, Bryan Danielson/KENTA action page 52
Pro Wrestling Illustrated July 2008- Austin Aries posed page 119, Bryan Danielson posed page 153
The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling vol 22- Cornnette/Heneen page 43
Pro Wrestling Illustrated June 2008- Erik Stevens posed page 123
PWI 2008 Wrestling Almanac & book of facts- cover photo of Nigel McGuinness, page 64 Claudio Castignoli posed
The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling Vol 21 2008- Ernie Osiris posed page 20 (The Wrestler)
Pro Wrestling Illustrated April 2008 Annual- page 121 Hero/McGuinness ROH PPV
Pro Wrestling Illustrated March 2008- ROH posed Briscoes, El Generico & Pelle Primo
Inside Wrestling/ The Wrestler Vol 20 2008- page 19 Austin Aries posed
PWI Febuary 2008- page 12 Claudio Castignoli posed
PWI 500 November 2007-p. 90 Arik Cannon, p. 100 Darin Corbin.
Instinct June 2007 page 60 Spiderbaby in ring
Inside Wrestling/The Wrestler vol 15 2007 (May/June) Introducing Thoruf Marius p.20/21
Inside Wrestling/The Wrestler Vol 11 2006 Bobby Heenan p. 33 & 45 (2)
PWI 500 Nov 2006 -p. 9 Ricky Steamboat, p. 98 Corbin/Cruz, p. 102 Brain Ash & p. 104 EGO
Inside Wrestling/The Wrestler Vol 10 2006-p38 Danielson/Punk & Danielson/Homicide, p43 Cornnett/Hennan
Instinct Aug 2006-page 61 Spiderbaby action photo
The Wrestler/Inside Wrestlign Vol 8 2006 page 32/33 Introducing Egotistical Fantastical.
The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling Vol 7 2006 page 23 Cannon/Hero (tpi 2003)
PWI Almanac 2006- Corrnett/Heenan
Lavender January 6-19, 2006 Spiderbaby
The Wrestler/Inside wrestling Vol 5- Colt Cabana p.52 Inside Wrestling (ROH St. Paul)
PWI March 2006 - page 22 Jimmy Jacobs (ROH St. Paul), page 51 Cornnette/Heenan (3)
PWI Jan 2006- page 127 Matt Sydal (ROH St. Paul)
PWI Guide to Professional Wrestling 2005-page 59 Cannon/Skayde, page 88 Taka/Macho Pump/Sauke, page 115 Danielson
PWI DEC 2005-page 61 Sumie Sakai
PWI 500 Nov 2005-6 photos: Cornette/Heenan, Kenta Kobashi, Mitsuharu Misawa, KENTA, Donavan Morgan and Arik Cannon.
PWI 2005 Almanac- CM Punk/American Dragon photo (ROH St. Paul).
The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling Vol 3- Jim Cornette Vs Bobby Heenan page 62-65.
The Wrestler March 2005-page 22 posed Skyde photo.
Pro Wrestling Illustrated March 2005- 11 photos encluding Somao Joe vs Homicide, CM Punk vs Bryan Danielson and 3 photos from my last trip to Japan.
PWI Guide to Professional Wrestling 2004-6 photos.  ODB p. 53, Shawn Daivari p. 58, Arik Cannon/Chris Hero p. 84, Somoa Joe/Homicide p. 112, Chris Hero p. 118 and Alex Shelly/Jimmy Rave p. 135
Inside Wrestling/The Wrestler- Vol 2- 2 action photos of the Ring Crew Express and 1 Somoa Joe ole kick photo.
Inside Wrestling February 2005-2 photos of Ricky Steamboat, p.29 & 38.
PWI Guide to Professional Wrestling 2004-6 photos.  ODB p. 53, Shawn Daivari p. 58, Arik Cannon/Chris Hero p. 84, Somoa Joe/Homicide p. 112, Chris Hero p. 118 and Alex Shelly/Jimmy Rave p. 135.
Punk Planet September/October 2004-One in ring  photo of Spiderbaby on page 14.  On newsstands now.
PWI 500 2004- 5 photos, Arik Cannon vs Jimmy Jacobs, DeVito moonsault, Somaoa Joe vs Homicide, Roderick Strong vs John Waltersand Matt Sydal vs Shawn Daivari.  On newsstands now.
Inside Wrestling November 2004- Ricky Steamboat vs CM Punk article photos.  Seven action, two posed.  On newsstands now.
PWI Women of Wrestling 2004-Photos of Josie (4), Ms Natural (1), ODB (1) and Sumie Sakai (1).  On newsstands now.
The Wrestler October 2004-3 action photos through out the issue from Ring Of Honor St. Paul show .  
Pro Wrestling Illustrated August 2004- Spotlight card of the Month photos.  6 action photos from Ring Of Honor in St. Paul, MN.  
The Wrestler/Inside Wrestling Vol 1, 2004-Ricky Steamboat Q & A "interview" photos and referring with American Dragon/CM Punk in The Wrestler.  Action shot of Sonjay Dutt in Inside Wrestling p.63.  
Pro Wrestling Illustrated June 2004-Arena Reports spotlight card of the month.  Seven photos from Michinoku Pro in Chiba Japan.  
The Wrestler July 2004-Introducing Tracy Brooks action photo.  
Skyway News February 2-8, 2004-action photo of Tommy "Spiderbaby" Saturday.
The Wrestler May 2004 -6 photos with the Sumie Sakai story.
Out February 2004 -two in ring photos of Tommy "Spiderbaby" Saturday.
Pro Wrestling Illustrated February 2004 -full page photo of Sumie Sakai and Ran Maru.  
City Pages- adds for Midwest Pro Wrestling starting in December 2003.